Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fighting with the Webloging "A-Listers"

Webloging is the newest and most talked about thing since the internet started. Being inexperienced in blogs you don’t feel like you can be open like the experienced bloggers are. Experienced bloggers use a great deal of details; and they don’t care what people think about their blogs. Inexperienced bloggers hold back in their blogs, because they think the experienced bloggers will judge them. Experienced bloggers are on the “A List”; and if anyone touches on their domain they fight back. The blogging world is like high school the inexperienced bloggers are the freshman, and the experienced bloggers are the seniors. I’ve found three other opinions that I feel ties into mine. The three blogs I’ve found close to mine are. Heather Armstrong, Elizabeth, and Neale Talbot.
To me blogging is a way for people to express themselves. My post is what I feel college is about. Experienced bloggers who read blogs in my opinion are people who are looking for trouble. People use blogs to spread news around, for their jobs, and just to check up on people’s daily lives. People who read each others blogs are the best way to see what has been happening in people’s lives. Elizabeth showed the best way of how she spread her news around about her pregnancy.
Every week after I post my new entry I get a message from a woman named Elizabeth. She often just tells me my blogs are good, but sometimes she brings out what I need to change. I asked Elizabeth why she started her blog, and she said that when she was pregnant she has a dangerous situation called preeclapsia. She began blogging to keep her family informed with her situation. Now that she is better her posts are mainly about her daughter. She also feels that newcomers are welcome. (
Heather Armstrong’s blog Jon’s wife shows her opinion flat out in her blog. She starts off by what the telemarketer asked, and then went into her hiss-fit. She’s not afraid to tell off the telemarketer, and then write about it on her blog. She is clearly comfortable with giving her personal like in her blog. To me her opinion about blogging is she doesn’t care what people think about what she writes and she wants to give people a laugh every time they read it. (Burton)
Imagine reading a post where the author is dissing everyone who writes journal entries as their posts. Neale Talbot wrote a post called “Put the keyboard down and back away from the weblog.” In Talbot’s post he is making a statement for people who write long journals as their post, and not short posts. He says that you can write a short post, and get the point across. To me he is telling anyone who reads his blogs that he enjoys the short and simple posts. I don’t feel that he should have done that because if people want to write long posts about their day then they should. (Perseus)
Since “A-Listers” are the seniors in the blogging world they think they rule the school. They should welcome newcomers to the webloging world, because they could help the newcomers with their problems. The “A-Listers” should not judge the newcomers until they read what they have to say, the newcomers could be the best journalist. Defective Yeti is a good example of “A-Listers” as seniors. When my five other class mates including me commented on defective yeti as an assignment, the “A-Listers” revolted. They began disagreeing and stating we need more experience. To me they didn’t feel like we as newcomers knew what we were doing. It is just the internet it’s not like they are going to take your job away from you. So all the “A-Listers” get over it, the internet is free; the newcomers are welcome.
People use blogging for many different things. As we see in Talbot’s blog he uses his blog to state how he feels how they should be used. Armstrong uses hers to write about her everyday life. She uses blogging to vent. Elizabeth uses her blog just for everyday life. She writes about her life and keeps her family and friends involved with her daughter’s life. I believe they do this, because they want to get their daily feelings and lives out in the world.
Blogging in my opinion just helps people get what is on their mind off their chest. Blogging is also treated like high school; we have the freshman and seniors again. People use blogging for many different things. My three resources use their blog for different things; but it’s what people want to read. People need to step back, and see how blogging is affecting their life. The “A- Listers” needs to welcome the new bloggers instead of telling them their blog needs work. It’s just an online journal; they don’t own the whole blogging atmosphere.

Counting Down the Days till Summer

Not only are there important things to know about college, but there are things we also look forward to. Summer is something we have looked forward to since we were in grade school.

As of June 6th, 2007 I will no longer be a freshman at Ohio State University at Newark. The past year has gone by so fast, that I can’t believe it’s over. I’ve learned a lot this year like that I need to have better study habits, and that I need to spend more time with friends. Even though I know that summer is here I still have the most important things to do for school. I have two Geography, one exam for Art History, and a portfolio due for English. Summer will not be here until all those things are done.

When all of those things are done, I have a list of things I have to do this summer. The list of things is:
Going to Florida
Hanging out with friends
Hanging out with family
Enjoying the nice weather
Attending a Wedding
Going to the Ohio State Fair
Going to the Rascal Flatts Concert

With a lot to do this summer, I will also be getting ready for school in the fall. If I were to give advice to any new freshman it would be to be open and meet new people, study hard, and enjoy your college experience.

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Questions about Blogging

Why did you chose to write about college?
I chose to write about college because it is the biggest thing in my life right now. I picked my blog also because it was the first thing that came to my mind when we were told to pick a topic. My parents always told me to go to school, but I never knew why till now. My parents also never told me what to be, they told me I could chose what I wanted to do by myself. They said they would always support me where ever I went to school. College is rewarding, and sometimes stressful. Writing about college helps get what I'm feeling off my chest, and it also helps people who are getting ready to leave for school. I know there is a lot to write about, and it is helpful for me, and for other college students. College is something that everyone is scared about, and I picked my topics carefully, and that I could relate to. Being a college freshman every time I write a new blog I learn something more about college. Hopefully at the end of my four years I will look back on my blog and know that I made it through one of the stressful times in my life.
What do you hope people will learn about you from your writing?
I hope they learn that i take my writing seriously even though it is for a class. Writing is what I do when I can't talk to anyone. I like to hear positive feed back, but I want to hear the truth too.
They should also know that I enjoy watching myself grow from week to week.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

College Students and Depression

Depression is a serious thing. College students are the ones that depression hits most. If you are feeling alone here are some symptoms of being depressed.
  • Feeling of sadness
  • Loss in interest
  • Thoughts of death or suicide

There are many more symptoms, but here are some reasons why college students get depressed.

  • Stress from classes, work, friends, and expectations from parents
  • Homesickness from leaving your family for the first time
  • Eating disorders
  • Alcohol and Drug abuse

There are more reasons why students get depressed. If you ever feel depressed or know some one who is depressed here are some things you should do.

  • Tell someone if you feel depressed. It will make you feel better.
  • If you know someone depressed tell someone, you could save their life.
  • If you think you are going to kill yourself get help immediaty. It is your life control it.
  • If your friend tells you not to tell anyone, tell someone. They will be mad at you, but they will get over it.

I helped my friend through her depression; and she thanks me every time it comes up. Helping her was the best thing I have ever done in my life.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

College Students and Jobs

When I was 15 and a half I had a job. I worked at a local sandwich shop in Reynoldsburg. I started working there just because I wanted to make some extra money, and my best friend worked there. When most kids turn 16, there parents tell them that it is time to find a job, and start paying for things. I know when I was 16 I just wanted money so I could go shopping with friends.

A website from Missouri State University, had their students take a survey. The survey was about college students who had jobs. It said that college students who has jobs have more stress in their life then college students without jobs. In 2000, 25% of the universities freshman held a full time job as well as being a full time student. 77% of all students have to work to pay for their own school. Students who work are also short on study time.

When I turned 18, I started saving up the money I made. I knew that I would have to pay back money after my college career. Now that I am 19, I'm working two jobs. I work 3 or 4 days at Kroger's and 1 day at a local pizza shop. Working and going to school is hard, but I've learned to balance my work and school. School is the top thing on my list, and work is the second thing.

I do agree with the survey the university took, because now days more and more students are starting to pay for their own school. There is a lot of stress that comes with working and going to school. I have to make time to study, and I have to cut into the time I would be sleeping. I don't spend as much time as I would like to with my friends, family, and my boyfriend. On my days off I do my homework all day. Spring quarter is harder because it's close to summer and everyone just wants to be out of school. I know i can achieve my goal to be a teacher if I stay on the track I am on now. The stress I'm dealing with now between work and school is worth it 100%.

Surviving College

Surviving College

Surviving your first year at college is very hard. You miss your high school friends, your significant other, and your family. In college the first quarter is going to be stressful because you have to balance everything in one day. I found an article that has many good suggestions about surviving the first year at college, but there are more to it then what is in the article.
Matthew Schieltz wrote a short, but some what down-to-the-point article on how to survive your first year at college. This article was published on a website called associated content, and the name of the article is surviving your first year at college. In the first paragraph of the article, he writes about how it will be hard to leave your high school friends and family. In the second paragraph he starts to get into how shy you are when you first arrive to the campus and when you meet everyone. His third paragraph is called “Making Allies.” He says to make friends with your roommate first. The friends you make in school are the ones who help you when you are really homesick. His fourth paragraph is called “Attending Classes.” Schieltz says to attend every class even though some of your friends might not. Attending all your classes will help you on the tests and will help you understand the material better. In the concluding paragraph he states to enjoy the college experience, relax, realize why you are at college, and that life after high school has begun.
In the article, I think it is well organized. He starts off at the end of high school and then goes into what to expect freshman year. I don’t think the article flows very well, because it goes from making friends to going to all your classes. I think he could have added more to the article about surviving the first year. The article is not hard to read at all. It reads like a high school student would have written it. Schieltz is speaking to the reader as if it is a lecture. He makes it seem that I am sitting in a classroom listening to him, to me he is talking down to the reader because he has already gone to college.
Schieltz has some good advice and some bad advice in his article. His good advice is that it is important to make friends with your roommate and other people on your floor. I agree with this because these are the people that will help you through your ups and downs. You have to live with your roommate so it is good to make friends with them. Going to all your classes is more good advice, because it you miss a class you miss out on a lot of information. I also agree with this, because if you miss a class you will not get the information you need when the exam comes around. Schieltz bad advice is leaving your high school friends and your high school sweetheart. I don’t agree with this because if you make the time you will be able to see your high school sweetheart. Your friends are going through the same thing as you are, and they will miss you to.
Being in the last quarter of freshman year, I feel really relieved because I know I achieved a goal that my parents always knew I could achieve. I do miss all my high school friends but I’ve meet so many more friends in college. You don’t have to live on campus to have to meet friends and experience college life. Living close to campus you have the opportunity to drive to campus and hang out with friends or party. Since being in school for three quarters I’ve learned that I need to change my study habits, spend more time on homework, and open up to meet more friends. After I read Schieltz article, I am doing most of what his article states.
Without college in today’s society is a big deal. You can’t get a good job without a college degree. Everyone is going to have to experience their first year in college, but they will do it in their own way. They may agree with Matthew’s article or mine. College is nothing to be scared about but it has a great outcome. Like Matthew stated your life after high school has officially begun.

Monday, April 30, 2007

College Students and Drinking

Drinking is on every college campus mostly in underage students. Underage teens put their lives at risk just to look cool. Most teens don't know how much their body can hold until they get sick. Most people just drink to be like everyone else.
A website called College Drinking gives many statistics on the consequences of college drinking. It says 696,000 students between 18 and 24 are assaulted by a student who has been drinking. 97,000 students have been sexual assaulted or even date raped. Some other consequences are drunk driving, property damage, academic problems, and unsafe sex.
Seeing the statistics above could open any ones eyes, unless they are to stubborn to believe them. Drinking brings out the worse in people, they act stupid, and they do things they will regret in the future. I know if i drank heavily and I read the statistics I would slow down on the drinking. I would be afraid to know what could happen when i was intoxicated.
Coming from an all Italian family there is wine around at every holiday or get together. Both my grandfather and uncle make their own white and red wine. When we get together my step sister, my cousin, and I get a half of glass of wine, and then the children under 16 get only 1/4 of a glass. That is all the drinking we do for the whole night. To me this is how my mom, aunt, and uncle where raised allowing their children to drink around other family members and knowing that they will not be judged.
Drinking a glass of wine with my family is different then drinking till you black out. Alcohol is one of the top killers of teens. There is a reason why the drinking age is 21. I think college campuses should be more aware of what their underage students are doing.

Monday, April 23, 2007

College Students and Debt

Many College students don't think that debt can affect them at such a young age, but it does. There are very high statistics for college students in debt. To me debt is a very scary thing.

A website called Bank Rate talks about debt. It states that an undergraduate is at least 2,200 dollars in debt, and a graduate student is at least 5,800 dollars in debt. Many students take years to pay off their credit cards to get out debt. Credit card debt can also affect a graduates way to pay back student loans. The website also states that a student should only have one card, and to keep the balance low.

Another website called Young Money gave these statistics on students and credit cards. 78% of students have more than one card, 32% of students have four or more cards, and 95% of students carry cards. They gave these alternatives to keep your credit down. Use cash as much as possible. Don't forger that there is a penalty if you go over your limit. The less cards you have equals the less stress in your life. They also say don't forget about your student loans.

Carrying around a credit card I know that I have a huge responsibility for my future. I know that if I mess up I could ruin my future. Every quarter I pay for my books on my card, and when my statement comes I always pay half, when my next paycheck comes I pay the rest. I do not want to be a college student in debt, because i know the card is not free money.

So if you have a credit card think about it wisely. It's not free money and it could play a major part in your life. Think about your future the next time you swipe the pretty piece of plastic.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

The Day I Became a College Student

In college you experience many things. You deal with homework, stress, tests, and much more, but the one thing you will always remember is your football team. Every season even the non-football watchers get caught up in the excitement of the game. To a college student Saturday is the best day of the week because they get the cheer on their favorite team. My first college experience was going to my first Ohio State football game.
On September 16, 2006, I walked into the horseshoe for my very first time. That day we played the Cinnicanti Bear Cats. Yes, I know it wasn’t a big game but just being there was amazing. I got to experience my first game with my grandfather who is a die hard Ohio State fan. Going with him I knew he would show me a wonderful time.
The day before I came home from work and my step father asked me what I was doing on the 16th. I told him I was free and then he handed me his ticket to the game. I think my face light up all different colors and I said I would go. That night I think I told everyone I knew, and I could barely sleep. That next morning I woke up extra early and got ready. Around 11 o’clock I left my house to drive 45 minutes to my grandfather’s office. When I arrived there I was 15 minutes early, and at 12 o’clock we left, went to the post office, and then we were on the road to head to the game. We pulled into the parking lot and I saw a long line waiting to get onto the bus. We didn’t have to wait too long for the bus. Getting onto the bus there were a lot of people, but they were all OSU fans. I talked to the couple next to me while we drove through the college campus.
As we pulled up to the stadium in the bus, I saw thousands of people in line wearing mostly scarlet and gray. When we got through the line and walked up many stairs we saw the sign for B deck. When we found our seats, we could see the field, and it was under the shade which was the perfect spot. As I looked around the stadium I saw thousands of people, old, young, Ohio state fans, and the opponent’s fans. As I looked at the score board we had 14 minutes till the game started and the band entered the field. While they were entertaining the crowd they began to get into the script Ohio formation. When I saw this I was in heaven, I always wanted to see it in person.
After the 14 minutes ran down the clock the crowd went wild. The Bear Cat’s came out first and we heard a few screams but mostly boos. Then the crowd went silent and we saw the buckeyes enter the field and the whole stadium went crazy. As we watched them warm up I got more pumped then ever. A man’s voice came on the loud speaker and asked us to stand for the national anthem; after we finished the anthem, Carmen Ohio came on the play board. We could see the team getting pumped up. After all the songs were over the teams flipped the coin and the game was ready to get started. When the teams entered the field to start the game, my heart sank into my stomach. The Bear Cat’s got the ball first.
When the ball was in the bear cat’s hands I wanted to see what my team could do.
Ohio State stopped them a couple of times and then the unbelievable happened, the Bear Cats scored. As I looked at the score board is said OSU zero, cinnicanti six, and then they lined up to get the extra point and the score changed from six to seven. My grandfather said “Oh this is a nice way to start the game.” When we got the ball all I wanted OSU to go is score.
After the bear cat’s scored I knew our team would not disappoint us. The Bear Cat’s kicked the ball and it went into Ginn’s hands and after that point I knew it would be a good game. The first and second quarter was long because of all the penalties, but it was still the best experience ever we scored and were ahead of the Bear Cats. When half time came around my grandfather and I went to go get a hot dog and something to drink. We went back to our seats and walked the half time show. I was talking to the lady next to me who knew my grandfather and asked if it was my first game. I told her yes, and after that we just talked through the rest of half time. At the beginning of the second half Ohio State really kicked it up, we scored more and more, we left cinnicanti in the dust. The final score of the game was 37 to 7 and of course Ohio State won.
Walking out of the stadium we left two minutes early just to get to the bus on time. We caught the first bus and everyone was talking about the game. We drove back the same we came. The bus ride was only 15 minutes but I saw all kinds of college students outside playing football and celebrating. When we got to our parking lot, we headed to the car and drove back to my grandfather office. On the way home I listened to the radio talking about the game and all I wanted to do was call in and tell them that I was there. When I arrived home I walked in the door and immediately started talking about how much fun I had and how it was such a great experience. I will never forget the day I stepped foot into the horseshoe.
Saturday to a college student is the best day of the week. It’s the day they have been waiting for since last Saturday. Saturdays are the day they can dress as crazy as possible and know there will be thousands of other people the same way. College football makes college life, its one of the things you will always remember. Saturdays are the days that a thousands people become friends, they unite over the game and cheer on their team. Students get pumped up listening to their fight song being played by the best damn band in the land, while watching the best damn team in the land, and they get to be the best damn fans in the land. Saturdays are what makes college.
College football is a major thing to some college students, especially Ohio State football. Everyone that is not in college gets caught up in watching our team doing what they do best. Every Saturday during the season old and young get along as long as they are Ohio State fans. When the game is over people still talk about it, they news shows clips and talk about the big victory. The Michigan game is the one game the students get really pumped up for. If we beat them then we are complete. College football is one of the many things college students experience together.
My first experience of the horseshoe ties together my whole college life. Its something a college student should do in their college career. I will never forget my first time at the horseshoe, but I know I will return many times. My experience was my first time and as a college freshman, and to me that’s what made me a true Ohio State college student.

Monday, April 16, 2007

College Students and Sleep

A good night of sleep is something college students don't experience very often. With the stress of the day and all the homework and tests affects your sleeping habits. If you ask any college student about how much sleep they got the night before, they will give you a evil look and say "Not very much". College students have to cram so much work into one day with a minimum amount of time.

Brown University has an article about college students and sleep. In this article it says college students are the most sleep-deprived people in the country. They say college students should get at least 8 hours of sleep to complete the R.E.M cycle.

Every college student experiences an all nighter. But there is some bad news about the all-nighters. It can interfere with how you learn more information. It can only help you the next day on the test and not in a comprehensive exam. Not getting enough sleep can impact you daytime activities and it can affect your mental and physical health.

Sleep to me is just something I try to fit into my busy day. I get at least 6 hours of sleep a night. Being in college means more stress and NO SLEEP. When I don't get alot of sleep I feel the affects and no one likes to be around me. To me sleep is the last thing that takes me away from my busy day. Its the only thing I can do without stressing about things.

Sleep is the one thing you lack while you are in college. My advice is to at least get 6 hours of sleep a night and don't stress while you are trying to get to sleep.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The Stress of a College Student

College students deal with a major amount of stress. They have to stress over the amount of homework, tests, projects, and exams. In college you have more stress then you did in high school. Along with the stress of school you have to combine it with the stress of work, and the stress of friends.

For me stress comes in everyday life. I worry about getting enough sleep to be able to stay awake in my class from a late night of homework. After my 15 credit hours on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday; i go to work for at least 5 hours a night. I work at least 25 hours a week. with work and school already a stressor, I have to worry about getting all my school work done, and being able to spend time with friends and family.

The stress that college brings also bring along many illnesses. Since you stress about getting all your homework done you hardly get any sleep and you eat unhealthy. Eating unhealthy and not sleeping you are mot likely to get sick which you have to stress about also. If you live on campus you are around more people who have all different types of colds, flu's, and more. So if you are not sick, you worry about trying not to get sick.

Exam week is the most stressful week during the quarter. Most exams are comprehensive so you have to study 10 weeks of material in a week. Most of the college students have more then one exam per day. Exam week stress and work doesn't mix very well because you worry about your exams more than you want to work.

Friends don't help with stress either. If you haven't hung out with them in a while they want to hang out. Now you have to fit them into your 15 hour school week, and your 25 hour work week. They get mad when you say " Lets hang out another time so I can get some sleep." They think you are trying to avoid them so you worry about having your friends mad at you.

The stress of college, work, and your friends bring to you it is hard to handle but you have to learn to control it and breathe. You can't run away from the stress because it will come back to you faster and it will bring more stress with it. The one thing college doesn't teach you is how to deal with stress, so get ready to jump on a bumpy ride of stress during your college career.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Stress of College before College

Before you even enter college, you stress over it. You have to start looking for schools you want to go to. You start worrying about if your grades are good enough to get in to the school of your choice.

During your junior year your school starts bring up ACTs and SATs. These's tests are also apart of if you get into the college of your choice or not. They also start telling you to start thinking about your major before you start looking for schools. At the end of your junior year and the summer of your senior year, you start looking up school information and you begin college visits.

Senior year is the most important year of your high school career. You begin applying for school and fafsa. There are also two sides the fun loving end of the year side, and the stress of getting into college side. The first side is everyone getting ready to graduate and doesn't want to do anything, all you want to enjoy is prom, spring break, hanging out with friends, and graduation. The second side is you worrying if your grades are good, if you will get into your college of choice, and how are you going to pay for school.

Once you get all your acceptance letters back you start narrowing down which school you would like to go to. You can even go back to the school to do another visit. When you figure out which school you want to go to you send in all the information they need. After this is done you don't have that much time to breathe. You have to finish last minute school projects and then you have to start stressing for graduation.

After you graduate enjoy your summer, because when your school year rolls around the stress comes back.

Friday, March 30, 2007

SBE #1

Being new to blogging, I don't understand the ups and downs, but I think I could get the hang of it. To me its just mean writing about your thoughts.
My blog is about college students and what they have to deal with. College students deals with stress, piles of homework, over nighters, debt, drinking, jobs, depression and managing to do it all in one day. Yes, higher education is wonderful but you have to work for it, its not handed to you.

Over the next 10 weeks, I will give you my insight of being a college student and everything that comes with it. For my next blog I'll be writing about what you go through before you are in college. Even this is something big in your life.