Wednesday, May 9, 2007

College Students and Jobs

When I was 15 and a half I had a job. I worked at a local sandwich shop in Reynoldsburg. I started working there just because I wanted to make some extra money, and my best friend worked there. When most kids turn 16, there parents tell them that it is time to find a job, and start paying for things. I know when I was 16 I just wanted money so I could go shopping with friends.

A website from Missouri State University, had their students take a survey. The survey was about college students who had jobs. It said that college students who has jobs have more stress in their life then college students without jobs. In 2000, 25% of the universities freshman held a full time job as well as being a full time student. 77% of all students have to work to pay for their own school. Students who work are also short on study time.

When I turned 18, I started saving up the money I made. I knew that I would have to pay back money after my college career. Now that I am 19, I'm working two jobs. I work 3 or 4 days at Kroger's and 1 day at a local pizza shop. Working and going to school is hard, but I've learned to balance my work and school. School is the top thing on my list, and work is the second thing.

I do agree with the survey the university took, because now days more and more students are starting to pay for their own school. There is a lot of stress that comes with working and going to school. I have to make time to study, and I have to cut into the time I would be sleeping. I don't spend as much time as I would like to with my friends, family, and my boyfriend. On my days off I do my homework all day. Spring quarter is harder because it's close to summer and everyone just wants to be out of school. I know i can achieve my goal to be a teacher if I stay on the track I am on now. The stress I'm dealing with now between work and school is worth it 100%.


Elizabeth said...

"now days more and more students are starting to pay for their own school"

What makes you say this? In your parents' generation, probably the majority of college attendees put themselves through school. A college student could often earn enough in the summer not to need to work during the school year (or not much). Nowadays, tuition has increased so much relative to wages that it's much more difficult for students to work their way through college, even if they have jobs during the school year as well as the summer.

JanelleTravels said...

Great entry. It is hard being a student and having a job. I work 5-6 days a week part-time and it can be stressful. I'm just blessed to have a job that is relatively easy, and has some periods of time when there is nothing to do so I get a chance to work on my homework. Also I'm working with computers so it's helpful that I have a computer to type my papers on. I have trouble spending time with friends and family too, because I'm so busy. I try not to skip classes but sometimes I'm just too tired, or it is too nice out. I can't imagine how summer classes are going to be. Great blog.

Derek John Boczkowski said...


A nicely written blog, posted before I made the request for a different format, so you get a pass on that. Elizabth beat me to the punch about the comment you made about more students paying their way these days. A comment like that needs substantiation in the form of a link to a trustworthy article or survey. Otherwise, it's simply an assumption.

Check the name of the school (it's Missouri Western State). Note that there's an error in "When most kids turn 16, there parents tell them. . ."

So, watch unsupported opinions. Otherwise . . .


Elizabeth said...

Sorry to go off-topic on this post, but you left a comment on my blog that I don't understand, and I figure you're more likely to look here. You have to write an "essay over blogging," and you want me to look at it? Where is it?