Thursday, May 31, 2007

Fighting with the Webloging "A-Listers"

Webloging is the newest and most talked about thing since the internet started. Being inexperienced in blogs you don’t feel like you can be open like the experienced bloggers are. Experienced bloggers use a great deal of details; and they don’t care what people think about their blogs. Inexperienced bloggers hold back in their blogs, because they think the experienced bloggers will judge them. Experienced bloggers are on the “A List”; and if anyone touches on their domain they fight back. The blogging world is like high school the inexperienced bloggers are the freshman, and the experienced bloggers are the seniors. I’ve found three other opinions that I feel ties into mine. The three blogs I’ve found close to mine are. Heather Armstrong, Elizabeth, and Neale Talbot.
To me blogging is a way for people to express themselves. My post is what I feel college is about. Experienced bloggers who read blogs in my opinion are people who are looking for trouble. People use blogs to spread news around, for their jobs, and just to check up on people’s daily lives. People who read each others blogs are the best way to see what has been happening in people’s lives. Elizabeth showed the best way of how she spread her news around about her pregnancy.
Every week after I post my new entry I get a message from a woman named Elizabeth. She often just tells me my blogs are good, but sometimes she brings out what I need to change. I asked Elizabeth why she started her blog, and she said that when she was pregnant she has a dangerous situation called preeclapsia. She began blogging to keep her family informed with her situation. Now that she is better her posts are mainly about her daughter. She also feels that newcomers are welcome. (
Heather Armstrong’s blog Jon’s wife shows her opinion flat out in her blog. She starts off by what the telemarketer asked, and then went into her hiss-fit. She’s not afraid to tell off the telemarketer, and then write about it on her blog. She is clearly comfortable with giving her personal like in her blog. To me her opinion about blogging is she doesn’t care what people think about what she writes and she wants to give people a laugh every time they read it. (Burton)
Imagine reading a post where the author is dissing everyone who writes journal entries as their posts. Neale Talbot wrote a post called “Put the keyboard down and back away from the weblog.” In Talbot’s post he is making a statement for people who write long journals as their post, and not short posts. He says that you can write a short post, and get the point across. To me he is telling anyone who reads his blogs that he enjoys the short and simple posts. I don’t feel that he should have done that because if people want to write long posts about their day then they should. (Perseus)
Since “A-Listers” are the seniors in the blogging world they think they rule the school. They should welcome newcomers to the webloging world, because they could help the newcomers with their problems. The “A-Listers” should not judge the newcomers until they read what they have to say, the newcomers could be the best journalist. Defective Yeti is a good example of “A-Listers” as seniors. When my five other class mates including me commented on defective yeti as an assignment, the “A-Listers” revolted. They began disagreeing and stating we need more experience. To me they didn’t feel like we as newcomers knew what we were doing. It is just the internet it’s not like they are going to take your job away from you. So all the “A-Listers” get over it, the internet is free; the newcomers are welcome.
People use blogging for many different things. As we see in Talbot’s blog he uses his blog to state how he feels how they should be used. Armstrong uses hers to write about her everyday life. She uses blogging to vent. Elizabeth uses her blog just for everyday life. She writes about her life and keeps her family and friends involved with her daughter’s life. I believe they do this, because they want to get their daily feelings and lives out in the world.
Blogging in my opinion just helps people get what is on their mind off their chest. Blogging is also treated like high school; we have the freshman and seniors again. People use blogging for many different things. My three resources use their blog for different things; but it’s what people want to read. People need to step back, and see how blogging is affecting their life. The “A- Listers” needs to welcome the new bloggers instead of telling them their blog needs work. It’s just an online journal; they don’t own the whole blogging atmosphere.


NYPRINCESS88* said...

I love your blog, because it hits so close to home. You had one post that describes the stress in college students. You continue on by going into to details and listing things that can stress college students. Especially the freshman that start off the year bad. In your post, College students and Jobs, you write about how students who attend college and work, tend to have more stress in their lives then the college student who is unemployed. In one of your earlier posts, you wrote about surviving college your first year. You read this article by Schieltz, a guide on how to survive your freshman year in college. I see that you did agree with some parts of the article, but you disagreed when Schieltz said that you should leave your high school friends and sweet heart. I totally agree with you. As you continue to write your blogs, I find them more and more interesting. I love the style in which you write your posts, and I love how, I can easily relate to it. I think you have done a great job this quarter. I hope that you have an excellent summer. Have fun and be safe!!!!!!!

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