Thursday, April 5, 2007

The Stress of College before College

Before you even enter college, you stress over it. You have to start looking for schools you want to go to. You start worrying about if your grades are good enough to get in to the school of your choice.

During your junior year your school starts bring up ACTs and SATs. These's tests are also apart of if you get into the college of your choice or not. They also start telling you to start thinking about your major before you start looking for schools. At the end of your junior year and the summer of your senior year, you start looking up school information and you begin college visits.

Senior year is the most important year of your high school career. You begin applying for school and fafsa. There are also two sides the fun loving end of the year side, and the stress of getting into college side. The first side is everyone getting ready to graduate and doesn't want to do anything, all you want to enjoy is prom, spring break, hanging out with friends, and graduation. The second side is you worrying if your grades are good, if you will get into your college of choice, and how are you going to pay for school.

Once you get all your acceptance letters back you start narrowing down which school you would like to go to. You can even go back to the school to do another visit. When you figure out which school you want to go to you send in all the information they need. After this is done you don't have that much time to breathe. You have to finish last minute school projects and then you have to start stressing for graduation.

After you graduate enjoy your summer, because when your school year rolls around the stress comes back.


Tabby said...

I really enjoyed your blog, you broke everything down and explained everything very well. You gace good details on how to prepare for your future and getting into college. Plus, your right picking the right college is very stresful, making sure you made the right choice. I really hope that you did make the right choice to come to Ohio State because I know it took me a alot of time to decide on a college.

NYPRINCESS88* said...

This was a really good blog. You showed the two sides of preparing for college life. I like how you talked about senior year. And everyone is lazy and just wants to enjoy their last year as a senior. That part is so true. It is very stressful to go from a school environment where everyone watches what you do, and continue to hassle you if a paper is not turned in. In college your paying for your education and you cannot afford to fail. Your blog tells the truth in every way.

Derek John Boczkowski said...
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Derek John Boczkowski said...
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Derek John Boczkowski said...

Shannon--Your topic and organization is very good; you need to work on proofreading before posting. Some errors here ("These's tests") might have been prevented with a solid bit of proofreading. 4/5